The Comprehensive Phytopathogen Genomics Resource website was taken out of service on August 1, 2016.

The CPGR has been unfunded for several years and therefore we are unable to allocate resources to update the databases and maintain the website. After a decade of providing resources through the CPGR to the scientific community, we have decided to take the CPGR offline on August 1, 2016. Please contact Dr. C. Robin Buell with any questions.

Work on the CPGR and ASAP was supported by grants to Robin Buell, Jan Leach, and Ned Tisserat from the USDA (CPGR: 2006-55605-16645, 2006-55605-04558) and to Robin Buell and Nicole Perna from the USDA (CPGR & ASAP 2009-65109-05719).